Arashi FC Christmas Message

Hello and a belated Merry Christmas everyone! :D

I’ve been wanting to post this before Christmas, but didn’t get around to do so due to travel plans. Anyway, first I was thinking about subbing the whole game thing, but since Johnnys is so strict about FC leaks and I really don’t want this to float around the internet, I decided against it for now.

However, the game part of this year’s Christmas message is just too good not to be shared, so I created some gifs I would like to share with everyone who hasn’t seen the video yet along with some comments/translations.

Please be aware that neither English nor Japanese is my native language, so there are most certainly some mistakes (especially when everyone started talking at once…)

PS: In case the video has been shared and translated before and this is of no use to anyone, please let me know, lol.

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Edit: I have no idea why LJ keeps messing up the font style... anyway, it's about the gifs, right? XD

Ein längst überfälliger Post...

Japaner lieben Essen. Japaner lieben es Essen zu fotografieren.
Heute möchte ich ein bisschen Japanerin sein.
Oder besser gesagt war ich das schon am Freitag Abend nur kam dann irgendwer aus Japan zurück und hat mich abgelenkt

Take a look at homemade Curryrice!

Nach dem Essen haben wir gemeinsam Arashi's 5x10 Concert DVD gesehen! ♥
Es war also ein sehr gelungener Abend. :3